A Dream of Forgotten Caves

We were a small group of explorers and magicians up in a rocky area where we were going to explore a newly discovered, mysterious cave. Inside I got separated from the others and found a big room in the cave filled with what I first thought was just trash. I thought the cave was connected to a dump. Lots of discarded things. Plastic cups. Toothbrushes.

Then the next room was also full of things, but more ordered, like a flea market. Lots of vintage things. Old toys, some tape recorders, coffee makers and other electrical appliances. And when I saw an old white and orange vacuum cleaner I understood it all. It had sturdy wheels and a handle perfectly placed for a small kid to sit on and ride around on.

I knew this because it was the vacuum cleaner I rode around on when I was a kid. I recognized the scratch marks. It was my family’s old vacuum cleaner. It was my old tape recorders. My old coffee maker. The next room had rows upon rows of clothes hangers with clothes in various sizes. From kids to adult clothes. And there was a rather big section with only black.

I understood that the cave was filled with all the things I had ever owned.

With a smile on my face I started to run. I wanted to find the room with all the books. Because I was hoping there would also be some books that I hadn’t gotten yet.