Binary Star ME-216

I am M – a bright yellowish Sun-type of star that has been known in the northern hemisphere for over four decades. Astronomers have determined it to be an apparent male-class star. It is present in many historical listings of stars and has accumulated quite a few myths. It used to have some prominence in stories from the north of Sweden but it is now travelling more discretely further south. The M-star is visible for everyone who looks in the right direction. It’s not part of any of the main constellations and has no known planets.

I am also E – a white dwarf star the size of Mercury. It has only recently been discovered since the proximity to and brightness of the main star made earlier observations without modern telescopes very difficult. This white star is of a fluid female-class and was probably created at the same time as the main star but lived in obscurity until stellar activities increased its magnitude about half a decade ago. The E-star has been assigned initiated magical properties by scholars, and is, in some occult disciplines, considered a symbolic high priestess called The Scintillating Oracle of Hektkali.

Though they may look like a single unit from a distance, the two stars are neither two halves of one whole nor two aspects of one thing. They are two distinctly separate stars, with different characters, orbiting each other as one binary system. Sometimes the E-star is hidden behind the M-star. But it is still there. And sometimes the E-star is in front of the M-star. Then it all shines with an amplified light, on a higher frequency. Since the two stars looks like one star to the naked eye the system can give the impression of having a slowly shifting and fluid character until you get a closer look.

The designation of the binary star system – ME-216 – is derived from the names of the two stars M and E and the number 216 which is encompassing the symbolic concept The Trifold Roots of The Beast of The Abyss. The stars are all and nothing in The Sea of Frequencies.


Into the Extreality

Going down the rabbit-hole won’t describe where this oracle is going. Because rabbits rarely go into the darkness of the qliphoth like we’re about to do now. Going down the mole hole? No, something more sinister. Not snakes either. Actually, come to think of it, there is no valid animal metaphor for this. It’s all human. We’re going down a hole made by humans.

The sephiroth on the kabbalistic tree of life are ten (eleven) inherent principles in both the whole of existence and of each human being. Each of the sephiroth can also be viewed as their own symbolic realms of reality, as they each represent a special state of mind.

Intertwined with these symbolic traits are the qliphoth, the shells, the husk, the dark side of the sephiroth and their values. They are everything driven to the extreme – the qliphoth are the red zone above the green on the meters of the sephiroth.

The world consists of many realities. The first and most apparent one is what I call Actual Reality, the phenomenal world, where things are tangible and where events happen. This is where our bodies exist.

On top of this basic Actual Reality we also have layers of Additional Realities. Our culture, ideas, myths, imaginations, perceptions and even misconceptions, they all build extensions, or new Additional Realities, on top of Actual Reality, based on how we see the world. We’re all burrowing or ascending – depending on personal view – into all the diverse worlds that humanity creates.

Magic is a way of shaping these multiple layers of overlapping realities the way we want them to be. The stronger the working of the magic the more overlapping realities, of our own and of others, we affect. But both magic and the Additional Realities emerges only out of our minds. The alternations we create only lives in us humans, since magic is not inherent in the structure of the physical Actual Reality.

So the basic Actual Reality exists whether humans are present or not. At the same time magic and all the layers of Additional Realities need humans to exist.

Now we are about to really enter what I earlier in this writing dubbed the hole of humanity. Because I think there is a third kind of reality. It’s a physical but not physical reality. An Extra Reality – The Extreality. Initially created by humans but now existing on its own. It’s almost as if a new (twelfth) sephira, representing a new fundamental value and state of mind, has appeared on the tree of life. And with this new sephira comes – a new qlipha.

The Extreality is partly manifested in symbiosis with The Internet. Enlightening and connecting – dark and terrible. The best of art, ideas and understanding available shared with everyone – that is the positive value of the sephira. The worst malicious darkness of mankind spreading as viruses, possessing and corrupting our unshielded and eagerly receptive minds – which is the darkness of the qlipha.

There is much raw violence and pure shadow forces at work in The Extreality. It’s both enhancing and being enhanced by humanity’s catastrophically negative emotions, like infernal feedback, fueled by all manners of inhuman traits that flourish in uninhibited cascades. Every low-level, demonic egoism of self-indulgent center-of-the-world lack of empathy, of overstanding, or lack of connection to humanity, all reversed aspirations and ultra-charged urges easily outshines the possible splendor like a hydrogen bomb if we let it.

This qlipha boosts the amplification of speed and power and it is exhilarating and intoxicating to anyone in its proximity. Like a mob or stampede we’re flooded in both chaotic and controlled waves of hormonally triggered emotions and becomes conglomerates of individual humans that acts as larger, composite beings with radically different traits and behavior from its components.

Because of all this darkness it’s sometimes easy to think that this Extra Reality is reversed so that there is a murky qlipha at the heart of it instead of the brilliant sephira as usual. In this supposed reversal the positive values of the sephira would instead appear as just thin light varnished around the central dark qlipha.

But it probably looks dark and unpolished only because it is so new. We need to examine this new realm, find out how it works, what triggers its quirks, and learn how to harness both its negative and positive aspects. They are powerful together. Because a sephira and its qlipha are inseparable – just as we humans are who we are due to both our virtues and our vices.

There is much inherent potential that can be accessed in this hidden reserve. Much needed fuel to boost our transcendence to new levels of the tree. The Extreality could be a pre-prepared campsite with fires keeping the night at bay while we travel. So if we don’t burn all the fuel and reserves right away it will aid us on our further ascension towards The Crown.

The Internet is like a mycelium growing in and out of this rudimentary new world, connecting it to the Actual Reality of our physical world as a bridge. It is the first new reality we have found since we became humans and discovered magic.

This is however something else, a new path. Shine a light in the darkness, explore it, affect it, don’t ignore it, because it will grow and evolve whether we are there or not.

Lets go down the hole of humanity and excavate it. Reinforce the shafts and light it up with torches.

That’s how we’ll be sure to not be swallowed by it.


The Six Roads Towards […]

This list of objectives to strive for came to me late one night, in a Holy State (inspired and whole), in a flash of The Divine (inspiration). I wrote it down and tried my best to interpret the words. Where I am uncertain about what word The Inspiration gave me I use [brackets] containing several possible words. A lacuna […] denotes an unknown word or concept. I use (parenthesis) around words that wasn’t part of the original inspiration but is later additions to make certain passages clearer.

  1. Flood with raging water (tear down) the old house (archaic remnants) of Osiris (old patriarchal and monotheistic religions) and make [The Sungods / Ego Demons] (male resurrecting gods) fall into [The Deep / The Abyss] (go back to the origins).
  2. Soften in water (dissolve) the Shell of Shimmering Air (illusion) that keeps the flame of […] (self/ego)] separate from [The Sea of Frequencies].
  3. Harness Emanants (local manifest, i.e. Mygdalons & Cerebrions) and Transcephalon (non-local manifest i.e. Memetions & The Coporasti Aphilis) to control the Apocalypse.
  4. Excavate the new [Sephira / node / meetingplace / crossroad] of the realm of […] (some kind of Extra Reality).
  5. Incubate and deliver [the beings / beings] (some form of non-human entities) [higher / deeper / further] ground.
  6. [Visit / greet / embrace] she who is [born / manifest / invoked] (the daughter) as she is the new [Aeon / Archon / Time / Zeitgeist] (a transsentient being) […] (several words missing) [Hektkali?] and [The Binary Star].

The Sea of Frequencies

We are the water of The Sea rising as a wave before we break in the foam of the crest and return through The Surface to be irretrievably dissolved in The Noise of the Deep.

We are Nothing. The Universe is Nothing. The Universe is also Something. The Universe is a Sea of Something borrowed from Nothing. It’s a Sea of Frequencies in the Expanding Chaos of the Great Mother of Nothing.

We are The Never Not, rising in The Sea. We are The Sea rising to become a wave. A wave is composed of Nothing becoming Something that rises on The Surface of Nothing. The wave is one frequency among countless frequencies in The Sea of Frequencies.

We are the waves and the waves are water, all risen from the same Black Mother’s Sea-womb, indistinguishable in essence. But difference and distance separates every wave that we are from the All. We are the only wave in that shape and position; we are the only emergency that we can be at that time. And for a fleeting moment we are Something when we emerge and roar in the liminal tension of The Membrane of the Abyss.

We are a wave in The Sea and we know that we are. Our ascent is up from the depths of The Sea. We become a single wave and this wave, with its interference and feedback and loops, is what we call the span of a life.

Cherish both harmonies and noise, because when the differences and distances disappears, when the amplitude falls, we will also fall, back into The Void that is the Sea-womb of The Mother of Absent Light, where we will become All and Nothing again.

We rise and fall, we’re born of the All, and we are All, and every I is we, every I will become them, in a constant flux, dissolved, blended and coagulated. We oscillate, we modulate, we merge, diverge, refract, disperse, again, again and again, as another wavelength is born from the multitude of the Abandoned Frequencies.

We are Nothing – we are All.

We are The Sea of Frequencies.


Five Statements

  • Everything is connected
  • Nagu is a reality shifted word
  • Climb the tree and walk the paths
  • Navigate the beacons (of the forest)
  • Nothing matters, everything matters

Everything is connected

It all fits together. Like a puzzle made of all its pieces. The universe is one giant mycelium where everything is connected to something else connected to something else until everything is connected. We got one unit of all. Affecting one thing affects everything. Cherish the beauty of unexpected connections!

Nagu is a reality shifted word

Everything is real. But there is no such thing as reality. The tangible, physical world is fluid and certainly not exclusively real. It’s all our best Everything is real. But we never experience reality. What we think of as the tangible, physical world is only a construct of our mind. It’s our best guess. On top of this reality model we also create many intangible social realities out of information. The mind, our cognition and our will, shapes what we agree on into a conglomerate reality. And by observation, suggestion, presence, action, grand art or subtle words we change reality. Nagu is Magi when right moves to the left. By this simple action reality has shifted.

Walk the paths and climb the tree

An old map that could be used for many things is the emanations of the tree with its magnetic liquid portal paths. These are symbolic aspects of the world, of life, individuals and everything. Many other points of view exist and all these maps or guides, call them what you want, offer a language to navigate yourself and escort others through existence, to focus minds, to inspire, to suggest, to question, to change, to assist you – but never to command you. A good map is a guide that never tells you where to go.

Navigate the beacons (of the forest)

The “dividing tiny rays” illuminate the symmetries beyond words and can turn music to architecture. Their depth is immeasurable and their height reaches beyond heaven. They always smile but their light can be subtle and humble or willful and wayward. So greet them respectfully and remember: They may tell you your innermost secrets.

Nothing matters, everything matters

Nothing has meaning, everything has meaning. The universe has no purpose, the universe is purpose. There is an attraction in everything, everything is repulsive. Nothing exists, everything fucks. Nothing is something – and it’s all symbolic of course!


Ritual for accepting your body or your self

Gather a few close ones. At most a handful. If you have to be at home or indoors, engulf yourself in music you feel comfortable and relaxed with. If it’s possible you’d prefer to go to an open field where you can be alone and undisturbed.

Sit in kind of a circle on the floor or ground and relax with your backs at each other so you can’t see the other faces. Relax some more. Just be there, in the now. Don’t think. Look out on the field. Be.

When you’re calm, write down the negative thoughts about yourself on paper. Fold it. Condense and encrypt it all into a few select words from your writing and write them on the outside of the folded paper. It should not be comprehensible, just some of the words that you feel fit. That is the spell. To be used later.

Then make a sound so that the others know you’re done. Wait for others if they also will perform the ritual, and then turn and face each other.

The first to make sound moves into the center of the gathered and wears the blindfold over the paper over the eyes. The paper with the writing blinds you. Acknowledge that you can’t see because of the paper. Then focus the mind on the paper and the feeling you evoked while writing it. Imbue the paper with the emotion.

Stand up when you are ready. The others, still on ground, will watch you intently. Loving what they see, thinking only of you. Focusing on only positive feelings about you. While you focus on being watched. Be aware that they are focusing entirely on you. Visualize them watching you.

If private you could strip some clothes and feel the eyes of the others on your skin. The more skin, the more powerful it gets. Otherwise keep your clothes on until you are ready. Let them closer and closer, let them touch you, avoiding tickling you. Their touch should be gentle, caring, friendly, but never shy or hesitant. They must notice the response, avoid making discomfort in you, just go slow, until you accept the touching.

Then you remove the blindfold and the paper. Face the smiling, loving others! Read the words on the outside of the paper, recite the spell loud. Several times. Make a chant of it. The others may fall in and out of helping as they hear the words. Stop looking at the paper. Let the words jumble and distort until it is just nonsense!

While exclaiming your nonsense you cut the paper, put it on fire, wash the charred remains to the ground and rub it into the earth.

Rise to your feet and let the others adore your splendor from below! You are beautiful!

Higgabam! Reality has shifted!


Ritual for transmitting contempt

If you feel contempt for someone you are visiting and are unable to convey that directly to them you can excuse yourself with going to the main toilet in the house saying something like: “I have business to attend in there”.

Lock the door behind you. Stand beside the bathroom mirror so that you can not see your own reflection. This is very important! You must never see your own face in the mirror during the ritual.

Focus on the room you see in the mirror and believe that what you see is the real room and that you are standing inside the reflection. You are hidden inside the mirror.

Spit spitefully on the mirror and whisper an insult. No wishes for harm or misfortune, that’s a slippery slope, just make it an insult.

Something short like: “You disgusting motherfucking pig!”

Smear the spit around as if rubbing it in the face of the motherfucker.

Wipe the spit away with a towel so it won’t be detected, and then the ritual is over.

Exit happily knowing that you have put a strong insult on the pig.

This mirror is probably the place where the person most often see themselves. They will face your contempt every morning, every night,  unknowingly like a “Kick me-sign” on their backs.

Higgabam! Reality has changed!


The society (without name)


This is the second manifesto of the society (without name) that explores existence. The society is now without name but was once known as the society with the flame as a sign. It was founded by the torchbearer and the psychonaut. Those names are not names, but epithets and in any case lowercase. The society is in constant change and this manifest is a temporary focus that will dissolve and eventually coagulate in another way.

The society is – but is not. It’s a suggestion that puts the members in a special state of mind and suddenly, like a vibration, a certain frequency, it exists. From an inner, or extremely outer, existence the society manifest in the physical world whenever the society is projected and untangled from the minds of the society itself. The society is a certain frequency in the heart and mind (and by all means also elsewhere).

The tools used by the society constantly change as the society changes. Some residue is gathered and returns in some form. The tree could be the skeleton of the society, the substances could be the blood that rushes around and the flesh made flesh could be the four basic forces magic, art, language and consciousness.

In a curious way, without preconceptions, the society builds it’s research on the basis of earlier explorers work, but without ever getting limited by these. The society is always free to choose to believe or reject. Watch the lighthouses, navigate towards or away from them. Walk in the shadow sometimes or stop for coffee by the light bulb. Change is healthy. Contrast is developing. Nothing is black or white. Progress shall be the beacon. The goal is whatever the society finds interesting, that which elevates knowledge, happiness, ecstasy, a better life and a better world.

Everything is connected!

Spelled for the society (without name),
Ellinor Kall


The first beacons

Up in the forest, in the light autumn fog, among the fractal pines, on a small height, where the bedrock comes up to face daylight, close to a big rock that look like a giant turtle head, I saw the trunks, branches and twigs of the surrounding trees more clearly than I ever thought possible. I giggled as a secret was revealed to me from the bright shining beacons of the mushrooms that I saw in the fuzzy, wet moss far below the height. I realized that the world was malleable, that I was malleable, that I was in between worlds, that I’m a focus, that perspectives can change, that reality is ours for the making. It was a slow and gentle, spiritual and very human, awakening which made me calm, serene and confident about the nature of myself and the world and that art as magic is my will. There it was, a connection between the woods, my close friends and myself. Something changed in me. And I’ve slowly started to understand – and accept – that I am me.


Statement one

In a world of either/or
I’m neither/nor


The Oracular Nomenclature

  • An Oracle is text or talk about the ontology of magic; also the person delivering these.
  • The Divine is inspiration (creative flow, love, ecstasy).
  • Holy is someone who is inspired (one who is whole) or something done in inspiration (made whole).
  • Sacred is that which inspires (art, nature, beauty, emotions, etc).
  • Infernal is that which distracts (aggression, threats, coercion, etc).
  • The Intrinity is a state when divine, holy and sacred is in harmony.
  • Virtue is to further (to help, guide, facilitate, cooperate in benevolent actions).
  • Sin is hinder or ruining (to block or obstruct benevolent actions, destroying possibilities for others).
  • Heaven is mental existence, the mind, consciousness, thinking, logic, dreaming, creating, art, abstraction, content with solitude and introspection, meditation, acceptance, control, the transcendent ego. (Not necessarily positive.)
  • Hell is physical existence, the body, eating and drinking, concrete actions, feeling pain and joy, doing things together, groups cooperating, relations, sex, orgies, conflict, chaos, the physical ego. (Not necessarily negative.)
  • Magic is creation and influence by will emanating from the Intrinity that is manifesting inside reality. (More elsewhere.)
  • Sorcery is the very dangerous operation of manipulating the actual structure of reality itself (changing the source). (More elsewhere.)
  • Actual reality is energy and matter in space and time (the physical universe).
  • Social reality is (an infrastructure of) intangible concepts that affect the actual reality (like Mondays, money and millimeters).
  • Ideaspace is where fiction and ideas exist; could be seen as a part of social reality (where Superman, Kali and Winnie the Pooh exists).

(More words to be explained…)