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Ellinor Kall

Author biography in 55 words: Ellinor Kall is a liminal writer who grew up kinda lost among the forests and mountains in northern Sweden. A queer shadow with sparks in between worlds. Born out of emotion and will, glamorized photos and words. Once quoted saying: “I’m not lost, I just don’t know where I am.” Maybe that says it all.

I’m a demi-fictional non-binary alias that writes random lunacy and occasional insights about the mind masked as weird and a bit queer fiction. Some philosophy concerning consciousness, fiction, art and language may occur. The border between journal and poetry can sometimes blur. Not to mention the rambling oracles about magic that suddenly appears out of nowhere.

You can find my short-story The DreamCube Thread published in the anthology Vast by British publisher Orchid’s Lantern.

Apart from the English texts on this page I’ve written several novels in Swedish. They are however published under another name. I’m keeping my names separate for now. Identity is a tricky thing. For hints about this read between the lines in my journal, especially my entry about the peace treaty, the oracle of me claiming to be a binary star and most recently me being multiple me.

I’ll be adding both new and old texts to this site when I get the chance. I got writings all over the place, not always easy to find. Or even to understand. Since English is my second language spelling and grammar may falter sometimes. It is what it is.

There you go. Now you can choose what category of text you want to read from the menu. Enjoy!

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