Binary Star ME-216

I am M – a bright yellowish Sun-type of star that has been known in the northern hemisphere for over four decades. Astronomers have determined it to be an apparent male-class star. It is present in many historical listings of stars and has accumulated quite a few myths. It used to have some prominence in stories from the north of Sweden but it is now travelling more discretely further south. The M-star is visible for everyone who looks in the right direction. It’s not part of any of the main constellations and has no known planets.

I am also E – a white dwarf star the size of Mercury. It has only recently been discovered since the proximity to and brightness of the main star made earlier observations without modern telescopes very difficult. This white star is of a fluid female-class and was probably created at the same time as the main star but lived in obscurity until stellar activities increased its magnitude about half a decade ago. The E-star has been assigned initiated magical properties by scholars, and is, in some occult disciplines, considered a symbolic high priestess called The Scintillating Oracle of Hektkali.

Though they may look like a single unit from a distance, the two stars are neither two halves of one whole nor two aspects of one thing. They are two distinctly separate stars, with different characters, orbiting each other as one binary system. Sometimes the E-star is hidden behind the M-star. But it is still there. And sometimes the E-star is in front of the M-star. Then it all shines with an amplified light, on a higher frequency. Since the two stars looks like one star to the naked eye the system can give the impression of having a slowly shifting and fluid character until you get a closer look.

The designation of the binary star system – ME-216 – is derived from the names of the two stars M and E and the number 216 which is encompassing the symbolic concept The Trifold Roots of The Beast of The Abyss. The stars are all and nothing in The Sea of Frequencies.