The Oracular Nomenclature

  • An Oracle is text or talk about the ontology of magic, or the person delivering these.
  • The Divine is inspiration (creative flow, love, ecstasy).
  • Holy is someone that is inspired (one who is whole).
  • Sacred is that which inspires (beauty, art, nature, emotions, etc).
  • Infernal is that which distracts (aggression, threats, coercion, etc).
  • The Trinity is a state when divine, sacred and holy is in harmony.
  • Virtue is to help (to assist or cooperate in benevolent actions).
  • Sin is hinder or ruining (to block or obstruct someone else from doing good, or destroying possibilities for others).
  • Heaven is mental existence, the mind, consciousness, thinking, logic, creating, art, abstraction, content with solitude and introspection, masturbation (if at all), acceptance, control, the transcendent ego. (Not necessarily positive.)
  • Hell is physical existence, the body, eating and drinking, concrete actions, feeling pain and joy, doing things together, groups cooperating, relations, sex, orgies, conflict, chaos, the selfish ego. (Not necessarily negative.)
  • Magic is creation and influence by will emanating from the Trinity that is manifesting inside reality. (See further definition.)
  • Sorcery is the very dangerous operation of manipulating the actual structure of reality itself (changing the source). (See further definition.)
  • Actual reality is energy and matter in space and time (the physical universe).
  • Social reality is (an infrastructure of) intangible concepts that affect the actual reality (like money, countries and centimeters).
  • Ideaspace is where fiction and ideas exist; could be seen as a part of social reality (where Superman, Kali and Winnie the Pooh exists).

(More words to be explained…)