It’s time for the april 2018 CampElloWriMo Cabin. Consider me that girl that shows up to the camp with nothing but a bag containing ten lengths of jute rope, a small wooden box, a steel reservoir pen and a black notebook. Oh, and some naughty underwear just in case.

First day she is very tired and if she is not sleeping she wanders aimlessly in her pyjamas or stares into the fridge. Second day she is doing performances with rope suspensions, first with herself then with a “volunteer”, from the branches of an old oak outside to the music of some old norse shamanka drumming. Third day she speaks only about Alan Moore and gets upset when Grant Morrison is frequently mentioned – only to realize that it is she herself that keep bringing him up.

Fourth day she asks what the other kids are doing in the cabin and apparently gets happily surprised when she realizes everyone is there to write. She finds an acoustic guitar and although encouraged to play some happy camp fire tunes she only plays her own experimental compositions and then tries to seduce that one writer who kind of thought her music was “ehm, fascinating”, with unclear success.

Fifth day afternoon she eats all the dried mushrooms out of the wooden box and wanders off into the woods to “explore”. Giggling is heard in the distance. When she returns in the evening she is calm and happy. Bringing words of wisdom and eternal love to everyone. Sixth day she is writing her ass off, completing her entire word count in a single day. Then on the seventh day she gets restless and leaves early with a note on the kitchen table: “Hugs and kisses to all fellow mutants! You were wonderful, see you again next year! //Ellinor Kall”