The first beacons

Up in the forest, in the light autumn fog, among the fractal pines, on a small height, where the bedrock comes up to face daylight, close to a big rock that look like a giant turtle head, I saw the trunks, branches and twigs of the surrounding trees more clearly than I ever thought possible. I giggled as a secret was revealed to me from the bright shining beacons of the mushrooms that I saw in the fuzzy, wet moss far below the height. I realized that the world was malleable, that I was malleable, that I was in between worlds, that I’m a focus, that perspectives can change, that reality is ours for the making. It was a slow and gentle, spiritual and very human, awakening which made me calm, serene and confident about the nature of myself and the world and that art as magic is my will. There it was, a connection between the woods, my close friends and myself. Something changed in me. And I’ve slowly started to understand – and accept – that I am me.