The Sea of Frequencies

We are the water of The Sea rising as a wave before we break in the foam of the crest and return through The Surface to be irretrievably dissolved in The Noise of the Deep.

We are Nothing. The Universe is Nothing. The Universe is also Something. The Universe is a Sea of Something borrowed from Nothing. It’s a Sea of Frequencies in the Expanding Chaos of the Great Mother of Nothing.

We are The Never Not, rising in The Sea. We are The Sea rising to become a wave. A wave is composed of Nothing becoming Something that rises on The Surface of Nothing. The wave is one frequency among countless frequencies in The Sea of Frequencies.

We are the waves and the waves are water, all risen from the same Black Mother’s Sea-womb, indistinguishable in essence. But difference and distance separates every wave that we are from the All. We are the only wave in that shape and position; we are the only emergency that we can be at that time. And for a fleeting moment we are Something when we emerge and roar in the liminal tension of The Membrane of the Abyss.

We are a wave in The Sea and we know that we are. Our ascent is up from the depths of The Sea. We become a single wave and this wave, with its interference and feedback and loops, is what we call the span of a life.

Cherish both harmonies and noise, because when the differences and distances disappears, when the amplitude falls, we will also fall, back into The Void that is the Sea-womb of The Mother of Absent Light, where we will become All and Nothing again.

We rise and fall, we’re born of the All, and we are All, and every I is we, every I will become them, in a constant flux, dissolved, blended and coagulated. We oscillate, we modulate, we merge, diverge, refract, disperse, again, again and again, as another wavelength is born from the multitude of the Abandoned Frequencies.

We are Nothing – we are All.

We are The Sea of Frequencies.