The Six Roads Towards […]

This list of objectives to strive for came to me late one night, in a Holy State (inspired and whole), in a flash of The Divine (inspiration). I wrote it down and tried my best to interpret the words. Where I am uncertain about what word The Inspiration gave me I use [brackets] containing several possible words. A lacuna […] denotes an unknown word or concept. I use (parenthesis) around words that wasn’t part of the original inspiration but is later additions to make certain passages clearer.

  1. Flood with raging water (tear down) the old house (archaic remnants) of Osiris (old patriarchal and monotheistic religions) and make [The Sungods / Ego Demons] (male resurrecting gods) fall into [The Deep / The Abyss] (go back to the origins).
  2. Soften in water (dissolve) the Shell of Shimmering Air (illusion) that keeps the flame of […] (self/ego)] separate from [The Sea of Frequencies].
  3. Harness Emanants (local manifest, i.e. Mygdalons & Cerebrions) and Transcephalon (non-local manifest i.e. Memetions & The Coporasti Aphilis) to control the Apocalypse.
  4. Excavate the new [Sephira / node / meetingplace / crossroad] of the realm of […] (some kind of Extra Reality).
  5. Incubate and deliver [the beings / beings] (some form of non-human entities) [higher / deeper / further] ground.
  6. [Visit / greet / embrace] she who is [born / manifest / invoked] (the daughter) as she is the new [Aeon / Archon / Time / Zeitgeist] (a transsentient being) […] (several words missing) [Hektkali?] and [The Binary Star].