The society (without name)


This is the second manifesto of the society (without name) that explores existence. The society is now without name but was once known as the society with the flame as a sign. It was founded by the torchbearer and the psychonaut. Those names are not names, but epithets and in any case lowercase. The society is in constant change and this manifest is a temporary focus that will dissolve and eventually coagulate in another way.

The society is – but is not. It’s a suggestion that puts the members in a special state of mind and suddenly, like a vibration, a certain frequency, it exists. From an inner, or extremely outer, existence the society manifest in the physical world whenever the society is projected and untangled from the minds of the society itself. The society is a certain frequency in the heart and mind (and by all means also elsewhere).

The tools used by the society constantly change as the society changes. Some residue is gathered and returns in some form. The tree could be the skeleton of the society, the substances could be the blood that rushes around and the flesh made flesh could be the four basic forces magic, art, language and consciousness.

In a curious way, without preconceptions, the society builds it’s research on the basis of earlier explorers work, but without ever getting limited by these. The society is always free to choose to believe or reject. Watch the lighthouses, navigate towards or away from them. Walk in the shadow sometimes or stop for coffee by the light bulb. Change is healthy. Contrast is developing. Nothing is black or white. Progress shall be the beacon. The goal is whatever the society finds interesting, that which elevates knowledge, happiness, ecstasy, a better life and a better world.

Everything is connected!

Spelled for the society (without name),
Ellinor Kall