The Value of Nothing

We get to borrow one life out of nothing. But then, after a limited time, we’ll have to hand it back and return to nothing.

While we are something we can use that existence as best as we can, by giving values to anything we feel should have value. To assign value to things and then appreciating that value may bring us comfort, happiness, motivation, etc. But as soon as we’re gone, that value we imbued in things is also gone.

Sometimes a value can be carried a bit further by those that are still alive. But that is only a postponing of the dissolving value. They will die too and as soon as no one cares or remember anymore, it is gone again.

This is because not only we, but also the value itself, is borrowed from nothing. However valuable to us – it is really nothing.

Even the entire Universe itself is energy borrowed out of the true vacuum of nothing. It is a Sea of Frequencies with rising and declining waves. Matter is rising from (sub-)quantum fields and from matter our cells, bacteria and bodies emerge as a chemical conglomerate of molecules.

In the end we are all but the aggregated coagulations of matter, of waves, of nothing.

To enjoy nothing, to give value to nothing, accepting that it is only temporary, is, at least to me, a kind of positive nihilism. It calms my chaotic self and gives me solace from the burden of imposed purpose. It truly liberates my will.

It’s an invaluable marvel – cherish it, value it, make the most of it while you are something.

There is no God, only The Sea.