Welcome, new employees!

At work we are about to make an e-learning introduction for the municipality’s new employees. This is my suggested synopsis.

I want to start with a picture of Death and a text that says Memento Mori. When that is done, we go back to life’s trauma and construct cheap but guiding walls of Styrofoam around the people to create an illusion of security in a world where security does not exist.

Disintegration is a continuous theme in the introduction and we disintegrate the organization into smaller parts until even the employees themselves are dissolved and resolved. Then death returns as a jack-in-the-box from the darkness of the false emptiness and draws relieved laughter from the nervous spectators.

But their laughter get stuck in their throats when everybody realizes that what they think is the face of Death is in fact their own skinless skull. The plot thickens when doubts and self-hate are built up by the employees, and when the breaking point is approaching, a spontaneous vacuum breakdown is triggered.

It dissolves the entire universe in total eradication as all borrowed energy is released and repaid to nothing. In what we interpret as darkness, but really is absence of existence, a final text appears: “Now is your only chance.”