What if?

What if we really are dead and lives in purgatory? What if we’re all just talking nonsense gibberish that we somehow interpret meaning into on the fly? What if hidden somewhere there is a big mechanical elevator, filled with different kinds of people, that goes a long way down into the back entrance to the maintenance rooms of this purgatory, and that there are shortcuts into the long lines to the secret auditions for people that have understood all this, down there? What if my dream, which I just awoke from, about all this was real and I just got re-cast?

Added this comment later:

What if we are already living in a What if world?

  • What if WWII ended in 1945 instead of this eternal nightmare?
  • What if there was some kind of medicine against all these extinctionbrinking bacterial infections?
  • What if vikings discovered north america first but then they just abandoned it?

I know – reality is shifting a lot by itself nowadays. All conspiracy theorists believing crazy stuff have really eroded reality in a tangible way. If even nazis can come back in style I wouldn’t be surprised if purgatory would manifest in strange warehouses in industrial areas where the veil of coherence, or the hold of the collective psyche, is particularly thin. And what happened a thousand years ago on Greenland, in those devastating years when everyone suddenly left like in a hurry? Who were that small tribe of pale, blue eyed, supposedly native Americans called Mandans really?