What is magic?

While I agree with the modern definition of magic as “to intentionally cause an effect” I would like to add my own statements about what magic is to me.

  • Magic is the effect/outcome/product of thinking.
  • Magic is the transference of thoughts.
  • Magic is metacognition. Getting aware of yourself and to some extent affect that self.
  • Magic is connection – to other minds, entities, currents, realities.
  • Magic is to shape and create layers of realities by changing your state of consciousness.
  • Magic is finding, unlocking and accessing previously unavailable unconscious parts of yourself.
  • Magic is to take control over your mind and not be controlled by urges or impulses, to make conscious choices. Doing things not because you have to, but because you want to.
  • Magic is reaching a higher vantage point; to observe our mundane selves, to understand, evolve, and appreciate those selves and their beauty.
  • Magic is taking part in the [entirety] before the wave breaks. To reach existence beyond actual reality, to take part of the world larger than physical life while still a human, before we die and become something else than the one we are in this waveform.
  • Magic is (or at least was) tuning in to patterns, currents, culture, collective subconscious, ideaspace, the zeitgeist, etc, to form a (precognitive) understanding of things to come.

So, just to be clear, there is nothing magical about magic – it’s all in our heads. However, it’s no less real, and things in our heads have a tendency to move out into reality. And when they do it is magic – manifest of thought, in action or artifact, or as another state of mind.