A weekend of books, magic and agápē

After visiting a wonderful bookstore, called Antikvariat Verklighetsflykt, the not so secret society (without name) would recruit a new member. A ritual was performed, resulting in a sort of tangible reality shift, perhaps always abundant in the air, if you are there to catch it.

The noisy city street full of people turned into a road through the forest. We touched a magic field and filled it with sunlight. We created an alternitiy¹ and I shred my skin with a great sense of freedom.

An already magical coin was imbued with the power of three and it was given to me as a gift which made me feel very honored and touched. The magic spells spilled out of my heart all the way from the beginning of the ritual and made me lighter than ever before, exploring and peeling, getting centered and re-purposed.

We continued into the architecture of music and built internal cathedrals and expanded further enlightenment way beyond nightfall. Oh, and there were a bit of dancing also. I felt that it is not the magic that creates the magic. The magic unlocks what is already inside us. We all have that potential and it can be reached in many ways if we just try.

Then the assembly of fools, magicians and tricksters contently disbanded for the evening and that concluded a fantastic weekend of friendship and magic.

¹ Will be explained in another post.