Ritual for transmitting contempt

If you feel contempt for someone you are visiting and are unable to convey that directly to them you can excuse yourself with going to the main toilet in the house saying something like: “I have business to attend in there”.

Lock the door behind you. Stand beside the bathroom mirror so that you can not see your own reflection. This is very important! You must never see your own face in the mirror during the ritual.

Focus on the room you see in the mirror and believe that what you see is the real room and that you are standing inside the reflection. You are hidden inside the mirror.

Spit spitefully on the mirror and whisper an insult. No wishes for harm or misfortune, that’s a slippery slope, just make it an insult.

Something short like: “You disgusting motherfucking pig!”

Smear the spit around as if rubbing it in the face of the motherfucker.

Wipe the spit away with a towel so it won’t be detected, and then the ritual is over.

Exit happily knowing that you have put a strong insult on the pig.

This mirror is probably the place where the person most often see themselves. They will face your contempt every morning, every night,  unknowingly like a “Kick me-sign” on their backs.

Higgabam! Reality has changed!