Five Statements

  • Everything is connected
  • Nagu is a reality shifted word
  • Climb the tree and walk the paths
  • Navigate the beacons (of the forest)
  • Nothing matters, everything matters

Everything is connected

It all fits together. Like a puzzle made of all its pieces. The universe is one giant mycelium where everything is connected to something else connected to something else until everything is connected. We got one unit of all. Affecting one thing affects everything. Cherish the beauty of unexpected connections!

Nagu is a reality shifted word

Everything is real. But there is no such thing as reality. The tangible, physical world is fluid and certainly not exclusively real. It’s all our best Everything is real. But we never experience reality. What we think of as the tangible, physical world is only a construct of our mind. It’s our best guess. On top of this reality model we also create many intangible social realities out of information. The mind, our cognition and our will, shapes what we agree on into a conglomerate reality. And by observation, suggestion, presence, action, grand art or subtle words we change reality. Nagu is Magi when right moves to the left. By this simple action reality has shifted.

Walk the paths and climb the tree

An old map that could be used for many things is the emanations of the tree with its magnetic liquid portal paths. These are symbolic aspects of the world, of life, individuals and everything. Many other points of view exist and all these maps or guides, call them what you want, offer a language to navigate yourself and escort others through existence, to focus minds, to inspire, to suggest, to question, to change, to assist you – but never to command you. A good map is a guide that never tells you where to go.

Navigate the beacons (of the forest)

The “dividing tiny rays” illuminate the symmetries beyond words and can turn music to architecture. Their depth is immeasurable and their height reaches beyond heaven. They always smile but their light can be subtle and humble or willful and wayward. So greet them respectfully and remember: They may tell you your innermost secrets.

Nothing matters, everything matters

Nothing has meaning, everything has meaning. The universe has no purpose, the universe is purpose. There is an attraction in everything, everything is repulsive. Nothing exists, everything fucks. Nothing is something – and it’s all symbolic of course!