Ritual for accepting your body or your self

Gather a few close ones. At most a handful. If you have to be at home or indoors, engulf yourself in music you feel comfortable and relaxed with. If it’s possible you’d prefer to go to an open field where you can be alone and undisturbed.

Sit in kind of a circle on the floor or ground and relax with your backs at each other so you can’t see the other faces. Relax some more. Just be there, in the now. Don’t think. Look out on the field. Be.

When you’re calm, write down the negative thoughts about yourself on paper. Fold it. Condense and encrypt it all into a few select words from your writing and write them on the outside of the folded paper. It should not be comprehensible, just some of the words that you feel fit. That is the spell. To be used later.

Then make a sound so that the others know you’re done. Wait for others if they also will perform the ritual, and then turn and face each other.

The first to make sound moves into the center of the gathered and wears the blindfold over the paper over the eyes. The paper with the writing blinds you. Acknowledge that you can’t see because of the paper. Then focus the mind on the paper and the feeling you evoked while writing it. Imbue the paper with the emotion.

Stand up when you are ready. The others, still on ground, will watch you intently. Loving what they see, thinking only of you. Focusing on only positive feelings about you. While you focus on being watched. Be aware that they are focusing entirely on you. Visualize them watching you.

If private you could strip some clothes and feel the eyes of the others on your skin. The more skin, the more powerful it gets. Otherwise keep your clothes on until you are ready. Let them closer and closer, let them touch you, avoiding tickling you. Their touch should be gentle, caring, friendly, but never shy or hesitant. They must notice the response, avoid making discomfort in you, just go slow, until you accept the touching.

Then you remove the blindfold and the paper. Face the smiling, loving others! Read the words on the outside of the paper, recite the spell loud. Several times. Make a chant of it. The others may fall in and out of helping as they hear the words. Stop looking at the paper. Let the words jumble and distort until it is just nonsense!

While exclaiming your nonsense you cut the paper, put it on fire, wash the charred remains to the ground and rub it into the earth.

Rise to your feet and let the others adore your splendor from below! You are beautiful!

Higgabam! Reality has shifted!