How to be

How to be a magician, writer, artist or just a decent human being: Exercise your mind. Let it wander, let it wonder. Make it afraid, make it reel. Force it to work, make it stop. Excite it, please it, direct it, restrict it and rest it. Dissolve all borders. Focus and collapse, again and again!

Answer to comment:
Open mind? Nah, I wouldn’t recommend it. I’m a bit of a HSP and it’s really difficult with all the virtual screaming going on in the world. I’d prefer if my mind had got those heavy steel plates over the windows like the base on LV-426. And some sentry guns of course. Note that the blast shields can be raised or lowered depending on mood and the weather outdoors or inwebs.

I usually argue that we are the demons. Also: All preachers are possessed by a monotheistic alien being from ideaspace.

Anyway, while I jest about open, of course we should be open, I’d prefer the ambiguity of: A curious mind leads to a curious heart!