New Year 2019

2018 in review
My predictions for 2018 kind of came through. I wrote half of a novel, recorded a solo album, explored the boundaries of my genderfluidity, although wasn’t nearly as slutty as I had hoped, but I was good at taking care of myself while feeling low on energy, and I often felt kind of confident in myself. I finally had a breakthrough in my work with what I call magic and now consider myself experienced enough to call myself a Magician.

2019 in preview
I wanna finish the novel and find a new publisher. I hope to record new songs for an album with my band. I’ll continue to explore my non-binary self and find a way to to be comfortable and confident in myself. And when I feel confident enough I’d like some kinky and/or kind intimacy. I also aim to write some about my thoughts on what magic is to me and continue the magical work with friends and acquaintances up in Stockholm.

I’m a work in progress and I know it.