Mental age vs. physical age

“How old do you feel, inside?” That was the question at today’s afternoon coffee break at work. Someone said they felt the same as when they were 25 and someone else said they felt like they were still 32. Though they were both actually in their fifties.

I thought about it and considered who I am now. How I for especially the last two years have evolved through my work with myself, writing and magic. People have always considered me educated, well-informed, but now I feel even wiser and have better grasp about myself and the world than ever before.

Of course the present me grew out of the 25 and 32 years old me. But now I am so much more than I was. I don’t want to boast – I’ve still got a long way to go – but I’ve got insights and understandings that most people never even try to reach. I really don’t identify with any of my younger selves anymore.

So I came to the inevitable conclusion: I feel like 200 years old. I feel like a smiling high priestess, a weathered shamanka dancing in the woods, a wise old fool laughing at the wonders of the world. I am happy to feel centuries old and still think that is young.

Let me guide you through the darkness. I’m heading towards the light.

Kisses and best wishes,

Ellinor Kall.